Supporting Jeff's trip to Louisiana

I have been invited to make a trip out to Louisiana to support the work of, who are using wireless internet infrastructure to connect shelters up, giving them access to free long distance and to the FEMA online forms. You can find out more about the project here.

My trip will cost over $1600 due to gas, supplies, etc. I can and will swing this myself out of my own budget, but if you would like to give a gift and know precisely how it is being used, this is your chance.

Here is my budget.


Read these before giving me anything!

I am not a 501c3 charity. Your donations to me are a gift to a friend, and are not tax-deductible. If I don't know you, I cannot accept your gift.

I will not accept more than $2000. If I hit that number, I'll post it here and return anything beyond it.

If it turns out wants to cover my costs, I will donate your money to's hurricane relief effort. (Clever, eh?)

How to donate

If you have a bank account connected to a PayPal account, you can use this button. Please do not use PayPal to send money via credit card.

Otherwise, you can send checks to:

   Jeff Allen
   Hurricane Katrina Trip
   43 Arch St.
   Redwood City, CA  94062

I will not get and process your check until I return, so please drop me an email when you send a check, and please expect a hole in your check register for a while.

If you want your donation to be listed here as anonymous, please tell me that in email.

Please put "Hurricane Katrina Trip" on the envelope so that if I do find a secretary here, they will know which envelopes of mine to open.